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Jericho totally deserves all the credit for giving us AEW...

I know this "thank you" thing is just a storyline on AEW but Chris Jericho totally deserves all the credit for giving us AEW. Ya know, AEW was all because of Jericho 'cause AEW would have been nothing without him.

AEW has been around for about a year now... I haven't missed a single AEW ppv since "Double Or Nothing" their first show and I haven't missed a single Dynamite show on TV. I've been watching them ever since they started. Jericho is still killing it. His wrestling skills lately is on fire and he's still killing it on the promos with his mic work too. I'm really impressed with the man. Not bad for a guy who is 49 now, he's still got plenty of wrestling left in him still and he's not slowing down any time soon even though he's aging. I've been a Jericho fan for many many years. He impressed me back then and he still impresses me now.

Jericho totally deserves more recognition and more respect. He gave all of his blood, sweat and tears to entertain us over the years and he's still going. He loves wrestling and the passion is there, you can see it.

I don't mean this post to be a Jericho jerk-off thread but not many people seem to be talking about all the things Jericho has given us over the years and the hard work he has done. He's a true legend and true wrestling icon for sure. I truly am a Y2J "fanatic" and I've looked up to the guy for years. He also seems like a real nice man in real life even though he plays a bad guy on TV, that's another reason you should give him more respect.

Jericho rules. Y2J Forever.


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Re: Jericho totally deserves all the credit for giving us AEW...

Yeah Jericho is one of the reason behind what we see on TV from AEW.


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Re: Jericho totally deserves all the credit for giving us AEW...

Agree. Rhodes for the vision but Dynamite is Jericho.

On the proverbial mount Rushmore of wrestling he's on there, promos and matches are second to none. In my book Flair 1, Jericho 2, he's put himself ahead of hbk.


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