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#1 2019-11-06 11:22:37

Ben Kerin
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Is WWE2K20 really that bad?

I don't play WWE games anymore, but given the recent press on WWE 2K20 it doesn't look like I'll be returning to the controls anytime soon.

Does anybody here play the game? Is it as really bad as they say?


#2 2019-11-06 12:24:33

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Re: Is WWE2K20 really that bad?

I haven't even tried to play yet. Waiting for some fixes.


#3 2019-11-06 14:09:59

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Re: Is WWE2K20 really that bad?

I've played only once since I bought it. For the most part, the vast majority of complaints come from the Creation Suite and Universe Mode, as those are the most popular modes. Personally, I strictly play Exhibition and in the few games that I played, I haven't encountered anything serious. I'll probably play some Towers to unlock what I want in the game and that's it. But I'd suggest for anyone heavy on CAW to wait until they see that the major problems have been fixed there before even considering playing it. If you have 2k19, stick with that for now.


#4 2019-11-07 02:29:24

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Re: Is WWE2K20 really that bad?

I've played it a few times - there still are some bugs! Even after the first patch. I still enjoy it even if it is hard for me to progress in the challenges! It's been harder for me to play, because I haven't played a proper game of WWE on consoles since the PS2!

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#5 2019-11-07 18:27:27

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Re: Is WWE2K20 really that bad?

I played it and I honestly don't see where the issues are. That's just me. I admit I'm not much of a gamer and it could be the fact that I'm not knowledgeable regarding what a perfect game should look like and entail. However based on how I grew up playing games and how this one is feels more arcade style that I'm used to as opposed to realism that it's supposed to be. I guess it could be a case of preference in that way.


#6 2019-12-04 07:25:14

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Re: Is WWE2K20 really that bad?

At the risk of resurrecting an older thread, I don't think I'm prepared to spend any money on another WWE title until drastic changes are made within the development team. Best case scenario, Yukes somehow find a way to make a WWE game without being under the 2K radar. Their absence is why you're left with an awful game this year.

Visual Concepts, a company that has been working with 2K for years, mostly doing the NBA series, were called in at the eleventh hour to finish what Yukes started without knowing how. Rather than delay the game to release something of quality, they forced it out like most game publishers do now and the complaints haven't died down 2 months after the fact.

2K Showcase was a great mode, but everything else suffers massively. The gameplay is always buggy and has somehow taken wrestlers who are insanely acrobatic and slowed it right down to snail pace. The loading screens, to say this is "next-gen" (or current-gen) are absolutely catastrophic. EVERY screen needs to load for 30-40 seconds, typically being taken to another screen that needs a 30-40 second load time.

There are games out there such as Skyrim, Fallout, Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy, etc. that let you walk from one side of the map to the other with no loading screens, even on 360 and PS3, and they all use different engines to build their game on. The current Payback engine that is used in 2K19 and 2K20 is very bulky, very demanding of your hardware, and takes all the fun and chaos out of a wrestling game, making it way too serious.

The engine used prior to 2K19 had been used for the entire SmackDown! vs. RAW series, and was also used for PlayStation 1 titles such as WWF Attitude, SmackDown, WCW Thunder, and WCW Mayhem. All the big titles that still stand the test of time.

Another big issue is that 2K focus heavily on their creation suite... at least until they shut down the servers and release the next game. This means that your creative abilities are almost stopped entirely because you can't access community creations.

At this point, I wouldn't even mind EA having a go at a WWE game. They nailed EA MMA and the UFC series.


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