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Ranking the Alternatives Behind WWE & AEW (ROH, IMPACT, NWA, etc.)

The two biggest wrestling companies in the U.S. are clearly WWE and AEW, but how would you guys rank the alternative companies? Which one is number three? Which one is number four? Which one is number five?

Personally, I would say that as of right now, IMPACT Wrestling might be number three behind WWE and AEW. They've improved considerably under the leadership of Scott D'Amore and Don Callis, and they've sort of replenished their roster to the point to where it's actually a halfway respectable roster again. It seems like Callis and D'Amore have made it a much more stable company than it was for many years.

I would say that NWA might be number four. They have a decent roster, their weekly program is a respectable program, and there's not really any of the B.S. stuff that turns me off from other wrestling shows at times. I like how they're keeping it simple. It's professional wrestling. It's a throwback to the glory days of the National Wrestling Alliance.

I would have to say that Ring of Honor is number five at the moment. Their roster has become incredibly depleted, and you don't really hear anything about them setting the wrestling world on fire like they did for a number of years. I've heard that their live attendance has plummeted as well.

So for me personally, I would have to say that WWE and AEW are obviously 1 and 2, and then I would say IMPACT is number 3, NWA is number 4, and ROH is number 5. There are plenty of other promotions out there as well like EVOLVE, MLW, OVW, etc., but I think the top five are WWE, AEW, IMPACT, NWA and ROH.

What do you guys think?


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Re: Ranking the Alternatives Behind WWE & AEW (ROH, IMPACT, NWA, etc.)

NWA as that's the only promotion outside of WWE and AEW I actually watch. Love the old school feel to it.


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Re: Ranking the Alternatives Behind WWE & AEW (ROH, IMPACT, NWA, etc.)

I don’t enjoy Impact like I use to. Personally for me NWA outside of WWE / AEW is the next promotion I would rank, it’s also a unique in presentation and a manageable hour. ROH I’m barely following like I use to.


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