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Elimination Chamber was predictable but great!

Wow. Well, I think WWE is slightly improving with Triple H being in charge of creative for sure but my only complaint is that I wish WWE would stop being so predictable with the winners. That's the WWE's only problem is 'cause before the matches even happen we all knew who would win and that's getting a bit annoying.

Most of the matches last night were pretty fun, exciting and electrifying and that's what professional wrestling should be, ya know??? While most matches last night were fun as hell, I'll have to agree with most that Brock vs. Bobby was the only bad match... they definitely could have had a better one and WWE's been using Brock pretty badly lately, I don't know why?

Anyway, while most of the stars did really good last night, I was most impressed with Montez Ford and Beth Phoenix who were both most physical. I would have to say that even though Beth Phoenix is a semi-retired wrestler, she still got it. She did some pretty physical moves last night and I was blown away. Beth was always great in the ring but her performance at the "Elimination Chamber" was the best I've ever seen of her.

As far as Sami vs. Roman goes, that was an amazing match too even though we all knew Roman would probably retain. He's keeping the belts until WM and then Roman is gonna retire from WWE from what I'm hearing? Correct me if I'm wrong? Sami's a great wrestler and he did great last night.

Triple H is just getting started y'all. I think the next Wrestlemania will be even better and I'm looking forward to WM now. Can't wait!


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