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CM Punk and Eric Bischoff

Recently on his podcast Eric Bischoff made some what I would say is accurate comments about the fact that AEW’s current product is geared towards a small portion of the wrestling fanbase and how their fanbase won’t substantially grow if they don’t gear their product towards more fans. Now CM Punk has stepped in and told fans to stop giving Bischoff and the other old ego guy’s podcasts attention. First of all Punk criticizing someone else for having a huge ego is the biggest example of the pot calling the kettle black that I’ve ever seen. Second is that in my opinion Bischoff didn’t say anything about AEW that was inaccurate. What do y’all think about this? Is Bischoff right? Is Punk being a hypocrite? Let me know your thoughts on this.


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Re: CM Punk and Eric Bischoff

This is one example where AEW (that includes Tony Khan and all his employees) could learn a valuable lesson from WWE.

People trash talk WWE all day long, and WWE just no sell it and get on with what they're doing. If you enjoy it, you can watch. If you don't enjoy it, don't watch.

AEW on the other hand have shown on numerous occasions that they can't swallow constructive criticism. It seems like whenever somebody posts any kind of criticism or negativity towards AEW, the response is "How dare you have a negative opinion on our product! You're opinion is invalid!". Even the fans have this same attitude. If you go on the AEW subreddit and post any kind of slight criticism of the product, you'll be met by loads of disgruntled AEW marks calling you a "hater", a "WWE fan boy" and basically whining like a bunch of babies.

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Re: CM Punk and Eric Bischoff

It is funny how Eric Bischoff used to give AEW so much praise and positive feedback that earned him a few appearances on AEW. Now that he had a few appearances on that brand, he's talking trash about AEW nonstop???


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