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AEW vs WWE management control

An article was recently posted on this site where Chavo Guerrero Jr stated that he believes WWE is too micromanaged and over produced but he also goes on to say that AEW isn’t managed enough in regards to creative/match producing and that It’s more about the spots than the match itself and that there should be a happy medium for both companies. So the question is do you agree with Chavo or not? I do agree with him. I think one thing most wrestling fans no matter what promotion they follow will agree on is that WWE is way to micromanaged and overproduced that to me is not even debatable but I find his take on AEW interesting because if you go back and look at their matches you can see that the spots seem to be a primary focus most of the time not the match itself at least to an extent anyway. So the question is should AEW tighten the reigns a little on the creative process to cut back on the number of spots or should they keep doing what they’re doing? AEW is putting out a solid product but at the same time Chavo isn’t entirely wrong either? What do you guys think about this?


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Re: AEW vs WWE management control

Vince has had total control over the product for almost 40 years. He took it from regional to global in, what, less than 10? Hogan helped of course but like it or not his way has made him a billionaire. But.....flip side is he burns off other talent. Though next man/character up too.

AEW offers something different than wwe. And maybe it's a bit loosey goosey. But that culture brought back CM punk. I don't see the bucks putting themselves over. Hell they were on dark the other night. I don't know what approach is right other than I watch aew and it brought me back after years away from wwe.


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