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#1 2019-11-20 10:21:48

Ben Kerin
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The History Of Wrestling Figures

I guess at some stage many of us had a figure or two.

I've still got a few boxes full from when I was a child. I must say I would if I had space still collect some of the special collector ones but it is a habit I don't really want to get into! Most of my collection is JAKKS, but I got a few Hasbro.

I stumbled across a great documentary on Netflix about the history of wrestling figures, I never knew it was so storied! Well worth checking out.

Full details here:
Netflix Series, "The Toys That Made Us" Looks At The History Of Wrestling Figures … -Looks-At/

Did you or do you collect wrestling figures?


#2 2020-02-25 18:28:23

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Re: The History Of Wrestling Figures

I have a bunch of the Hasbro and Jakks figures somewhere in my garage. Some still in the package but some with worn off paint. I honestly don't even remember what figures I own. Now I'm curious to find the box and go through it. As far as today, no I don't collect any and I'm not interested to.


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