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HC13 Aries Styles
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AEW Growing and Expanding

In a matter of the 2 years AEW have been around.... Like any company that wants to grow  they expanding, starting with AEW Dark Elevation,  and now with Rampage....  As well as signing new talent....  I have seen people saying AEW is growing too fast, but remember when NWA?WCW was growing throughout the 1980s expanding the 1990s and even the WWF/WWE in the  1980s expanding and in the 1990s with the Monday Night Wars and 2000s...

Personally I think it good thing, but what do y'all think???


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Re: AEW Growing and Expanding

I think it’s a good thing for wrestling in general but I do wonder in regards to their roster where the cutoff line is. I’ve seen fans on Twitter admit that AEW’s roster is starting to get overcrowded so my question is where do they draw the line when it comes to signing new talent. Bottom line is AEWs success is good for the wrestling business as a whole but an eight figure investment in a video game division is kind of a questionable investment in my opinion.


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Re: AEW Growing and Expanding

Expansion is much different in 2021 than it was in 1981, 1991 or even 2001.

You can expand your content much more rapidly with the internet, streaming etc. So I expect to see more shows, more content and more exposure in every form of media they can.

The big deal will be maintaining and expanding their television deals, not just in the U.S but globally. AEW needs a better deal in the UK and I'm sure it will come, but it needs a live slot that is not just FITE TV.

I saw today they signed a broadcasting deal with India, a good move and market to get into.

AEW and Eurosport India Announce Broadcasting Deal … ting-Deal/


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