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Does Bischoff have a point about the current AEW product?

During the latest edition of 83 Weeks, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff commented on the current AEW product…

"If AEW knowingly and intentionally is writing and producing their show to appeal to that 10% of the audience that makes 90% of the noise and it’s working for them, go forth and f***ing prosper folks. Keep doing what you’re doing if that’s your goal and it’s working. If you’re growing your audience by doing what you’re doing, continue to grow your audience. I personally feel that the show does cater to the smallest but loudest percentage of the audience and does have a little bit too much of an indie feel to it. It’s not a criticism, it’s a distinction. There’s nothing wrong with Indie wrestling, there’s a lot of it that I really really enjoy.”

"In my humble opinion, AEW does need to balance with different types of storytelling and characters that have a bigger feel because right now, other than a handful of people, they kind of all feel the same. Some are way better than others, some are spectacular, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, but for the most part, they all kind of feel the same. I think for wrestling to continue to grow and to grow the audience beyond what it currently is, you need to find those characters that appeal to a different affinity for the project. I’m not saying they all need to be like WWE characters, but there needs to be a good balance."

Has Eric Bischoff said anything you agree on?


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Re: Does Bischoff have a point about the current AEW product?

I think Bischoff has a point. AEW’s product does cater towards the 10% of the audience that makes 90% of the noise and if that is what their goal is then they are easily meeting that goal however if they are looking to increase their fanbase and that is something all promotions should be and are looking to do then they are going to have to make some changes to the product that the 10% may not like. Like I said it’s all about what their goals are in regards to increasing their fanbase. If they’re happy with where they’re at and with the size of their fanbase then they should keep on keeping on with what their doing if they want to increase their fanbase numbers then they’re going to have to tweak their product it’s that simple in my opinion.

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Re: Does Bischoff have a point about the current AEW product?

I will agree with Bischoff, really it struggling to build undercard feuds that can last out 3 to  6 months- storylines that can go a year other then the  title pictures World, world tag, TNT title and Womens title, which looks like the only  things  other than  the Pinnacle vs Inner Circle feud... They have room to add title belts that could solve some things, but still wouldn't be enough..
But when it come to the 10% of the 90% of the audience making the noise,  kinda think it like that in every promotion at times...   AEW is only 2  years into business so they have room to grow, many promotions didn't get what AEW had til 3 or 4 years or longer in business...  (Impact first TV deal was 2 years after in 2004 with Fox Sports, RoH got AXS several years) something I would take in account when growing a fan base is the reach a promotion has ...


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Re: Does Bischoff have a point about the current AEW product?

He's got a point in a sense, but honestly it's not just AEW's problem. I think the reason wrestling isn't as popular as it was in it's heyday is a lack of storytelling, that comes from storylines and in the ring. 12 superkicks a match isn't telling a story. Flair going to work on someones leg to make the figure four more devastating is. Rey Mysterio working on chopping Mark Henry or The Big Show down to size is storytelling. Bret Hart going in as a babyface and losing it when he wouldn't let go of the Sharpshooter vs Austin was storytelling. It doesn't have to be highspot after highspot, that's what's making things less special now. You literally get 2-3 hours a night of the same highspots. We've seen it all before. Shawn Michaels Superkick could end matches, now people will use a superkick 4 times in a row and you'll get a kickout at 1 or 2, it's stupid.

Character-wise it's lacking too. Back in the day even the lower midcarders had a storyline you could invest in, everyone had a story, everyone had a gimmick in one way/shape/form. Guys don't have an actual character nowadays. They're not getting across on the mic, they're not getting across in the ring. It's almost like someone is just copy and pasting wrestlers, and it makes for a bland product. Then you have some characters like Orange Cassidy (already expecting heat for this) who is unique, but is more comedy relief than an actual wrestler. I guess at least he hadn't held any titles? I wouldn't even consider him a contender though given the gimmick he has.

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