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#1 2021-04-14 11:45:45

Ben Kerin
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AEW posts sign up saying don't post spoilers ...or you get fired

During a recent Being The Elite, a sign was spotted backstage at Daily’s Place. This orange sign read, “SPOILERS COST JOBS DON’T DO IT!!!”

AEW has had a huge problem with spoilers leaking. Redditor SpaceForce1 has leaked several taping results, some believe he is a wrestler or talent for AEW.

What are your views on spoilers, can AEW contain them?


#2 2021-04-14 16:11:38

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Re: AEW posts sign up saying don't post spoilers ...or you get fired

leaking a notice of spoilers is in itself leaking information, joking aside, AEW would need to prove who leaked which information for them to fire anyone, with modern communication very little stays silent for long, this is why for example the attitude era was so good, no internet, cellphones were basic and therefore spoilers could be contained better which led to a big payoff at tapings.  Also it seems to me not everyone is singing from the same him sheet and is totally committed in AEW if information keeps getting leaked.

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