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Remembering Jim Crockett and JCP

This week we had the sad passing of one of the many guys who was influential  of Wrestling  through the 1970s and 1980s Jim Crockett Jr.    As a fan who grew up being a fan of NWA- Mid Atlantic, Georgia Championship Wrestling/World Championship Wrestling in the early/mid 1980s...  From the creation of Supercard shows such as Battle of Belts in Florida, The Jim Crockett Sr Memorial Cup which was 24 team tag tournament which took place over 2 days bringing in many international stars the USA audience may not see or knew unless you read a PWI magazine, The Great American Bash Tour and PPV, Starrcade  along side booker/wrestler- Dusty Rhodes...   Then keeping with tradition of the Mid-Atlantic territory building the late 1970s and 1980s NWA on  mostly Tag Team Wrestling, usually with a World tag team champion, and a mid-card tag rather the National tag titles, or United States tag titles.... 

Along the side of of his brother David Crockett who was lead announcer and producer of most shows,  then brother Jackie Crockett who was one of camera men for the company...   Later Crockett would try to revive Dallas Texas wrestling in 1994, but with lack of funding  and such sadly fail...     Anyhow to think at one time Jim Crockett Jr was one of the  big 3 promoters along with Verne Gagne in the AWA/Minnesota, and Vince McMahon Jr in NYC...  This comes as a sad passing, for many I'm sure who worked for and grew up watching JCP wrestling....  A few weeks ago was watching/listening to Tony Schiavone podcast where he had Crockett on as a guest, lots of interesting stories...

What are your thoughts of Jim Crockett???  Did you watch any of Jim Crockett Promotion from Mid Atlantic, to the 1980s NWA???


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Re: Remembering Jim Crockett and JCP

This may have been Mid-Atlantic or a little sooner, but I remember going with my Grandmother to a TV taping in the early 70s in High Point, NC.  This would've been before Flair got his start, but the wrestlers at the time that were there that I can remember were Rip Hawk, Swede Hanson, Amazing Zuma (wrestled barefoot), Johnny Weaver, and George Beck among others.  Even when I started following wrestling again in the 80s, I enjoyed Crockett Promotions programming more that the WWF until they sold it to Ted Turner.


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