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#1 2021-03-01 19:17:55

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Do you think real crowds would boo this heel Roman Reigns???

When it comes to live WWE shows, it is well known that the crowds boo and cheer who they want. They don't cheer the babyfaces and boo the heels anymore. They boo and cheer whoever they wanted before the pandemic hit. Now the fake crowd reactions wants to bring back the booing the heels and cheering the baby faces... back to the bias crowd reaction. We all know that under this pandemic, the crowd reactions are all pre-recorded and fake.

I can't wait until the real crowds come back and we can see how they really react to this new "heel" Roman Reigns. In my opinion, this heel Roman Reigns wouldn't have lasted long 'cause fans would be cheering him on. It would be the usual mixed reaction, I would think a mix of boos and cheers.

Usually monster heels that try to act really tough and mean to everyone usually don't last long... remember, they tried that with the heel Rock in the early 2000's years but people kept cheering him on so they had no choice but to turn him babyface again. Same with Hulk Hogan when they brought him in WWE for the NWO angle, that's exactly why the NWO angle failed. Same thing when Stone Cold went heel for a little while. I think the same would have happened with Roman Reigns.

Why do crowds cheer the heels sometime? Well, maybe they just find the heels entertaining as hell. They know they are good performers and they put on better matches too.

Ugggghh... I sure can't wait for the real live crowds to come back... can't stand the pre-recorded crowd sounds like most of you.

Just had this little thought in my mind today so I had to get it off my chest. Feel free to post your thoughts too.


#2 2021-03-01 23:23:05

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Re: Do you think real crowds would boo this heel Roman Reigns???

Even if the fans come back and boo Roman Reigns it’s not gonna matter because the IWC will NEVER admit that Roman is over as a heel and I don’t know why because based on the reactions you see online it’s been generally positive feedback on Roman’s heel character. I can’t wait for live crowds to return either but let’s be honest here those live crowd  reactions aren’t going to sway the IWC’s opinion on who’s over and who isn’t over.


#3 2021-03-02 01:00:01

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Re: Do you think real crowds would boo this heel Roman Reigns???

One good thing about the lack of crowds is not having to hear the out of date 20 years ago What!? chants.


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Re: Do you think real crowds would boo this heel Roman Reigns???

Personally I do not think they would boo Roman, I’m not saying all fans, but there is a large portion of fans these days who boo the faces, then cheer the heels, whereas as we know back in the day the heels were chronically booed and faces were cheered. It could be for the reason you say regarding the heel wrestlers of today. But who knows.


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Re: Do you think real crowds would boo this heel Roman Reigns???

Roman's heel turn has been overall pretty well received, I don't think he would be boo'd with live crowds being back, I am sure there are still people who would boo him, but this heel turn has been better for his career was than keeping him face. There are certain heels who people just prefer to be a heel so it doesn't matter that they are a heel and it seems like people are preferring heel Roman.


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Re: Do you think real crowds would boo this heel Roman Reigns???

He'd probably get a mixed reaction. Fans love doing bass ackwards shit whether there's a good reason for it or not. He's great as a heel, but I'm sure there'd be a lot of cheers even from those who once booed a face Roman. Just like if or when he eventually turns face again people would go right back to booing him.


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