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#1 2021-01-21 23:25:06

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Impact Wrestling what if AEW/Tony Kahn buys it(after all)?

What if the rumors Tony Kahn isn't going buy Impact Wrestling is a lie???  What if AEW/Tony Kahn buys Impact Wrestling what would that mean???  AEW's 2nd Brand,  another place where up and coming AEW talents can work to better them-selves??  What do y'all think???

Personally I think it would be interesting,  esp the long term..... But I also don't think it going be any buy-out or merger, it just another working relationship AEW is forming...  Though it could to be only benefit Don Callis, saying he may join AEW management and leave Impact???


#2 2021-01-24 20:43:14

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Re: Impact Wrestling what if AEW/Tony Kahn buys it(after all)?

I wouldn't mind it, as long as they keep it running as its own separate entity. IMPACT has had a fairly good thing going for the past few years, and they deserve to keep going. A number of years ago, I was actually wanting IMPACT to close down because of how much their programming sucked, but the new management has actually turned it into a halfway decent wrestling company again, so I'd like to see it survive.


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