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#1 2021-01-13 12:18:28

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Website suggestions/wishlist

I don't know about any of you, but in my household, every day is not only Rusev Day, it's also always Christmas, so, here's my wishlist for WNS:

-notifications for whenever someone responds to a comment

-the ability to vote on forum posts

These are just wishes and I don't expect them to actually come true and I won't quiet the website if those are not met. But it is fun to fantasize


#2 2021-01-13 13:38:45

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Re: Website suggestions/wishlist

I'd rather see consistent, non-bias reporting. Personally, I don't care if I get notifications, I'd probably turn them off, to be honest. I know what articles I comment on, so I can just go back and check if I need/want to. I would like the ability to block people though, some people are just unbearable.


#3 2021-01-13 15:06:58

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Re: Website suggestions/wishlist

Fair and equal coverage of all the promotions, not just WWE and AEW.


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Majin Tween
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Re: Website suggestions/wishlist

Shadow409 wrote:

I would like the ability to block people though, some people are just unbearable.

You can already do that.

GoodOldPapa wrote:

Fair and equal coverage of all the promotions, not just WWE and AEW.

You can contact Ben and find out how to volunteer if there's an area you'd like to report from.


#5 2021-01-15 12:37:09

Ben Kerin
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Re: Website suggestions/wishlist

I can confirm new features/improvements and things are being worked on over the next few months for WNS. Blocking is possible, go here: - if you need support with this feature email,

-notifications for whenever someone responds to a comment.

We may be able to look into this.

As for equal coverage, WWE and AEW dominate, we do however try our best to get the big notes on the other promotions, the industry is so much more vaster these days its hard to get every single thing, but we try. Again if anybody wants to support with regards to news / promotions you can email

Thanks smile


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Re: Website suggestions/wishlist

I got a comment for fair and equal cuz technically there is considerations for any product we report on. We tried, in fact used to report everything down to smaller indy feds but nobody read the shit so we left it to the reporter to decide if they'd spend time on stuff had really low readership. Naturally WWE and AEW produce the most noise news wise. So the current direction is fair, based on that volume of the news and readership to that news but there is no way it can be equal. The spread of the brands out there just don't produce equal news.

Blocking people can be done in WNS Customization panel (Ben's message above). You can save the settings and even copy them to new devices using the URL that is generated to save your settings that you can email to yourself in the same panel. You can even block Anonymous posters all together. Other features include having your own homepage feed with the tag tracker. You can put in companies and wrestlers there, basically things you'd expect from our hashtag system.

Notifications on comment replies could be a bit hairy as there is no tie-in account to communicate that. I'll think about it tho and see if I can somehow process a way to do it. I'd obviously have to store your email or something in our database which would dial back the level of anonyminity to those users. If the XMPP server was more useful for the WNS readership something like this would've been good but I think XMPP confuses everybody as it has a slight technical edge to it's use. Another possibility is editing the browser tab to have a message count from the current article and itself, an optional feature you turn on in the options. However this would only be useful for desktop users and WNS is largely mobile. meh. That's code for 10% of ya. I'd do it if the demand was relatively well received from that desktop readership we have. Having emails can be a bit bitchy too, triggering "you're a spammer" isn't that hard for smaller domains out there. We even use Mailgun for the forum, which will be imported to the main site soon.

Sorry for the rant, but there is a lot of technical considerations, if you'd like to hear them, I can do that. At current you're position with notification to YOUR own comments has a level of difficulty to communicate it back to you and I have to consider if that feature were to be popular would we eventually get spam flagged for excessive traffic. Another roadblock being is I don't want to babysit a mail server of our own, both ends are 3rd party gateways so THEY maintain the spam control and THEY also decide which domains can send shit at all. An email option is possible but you'll break your anonyminity. Our current email usage doesn't save anybody's addresses unless it's a staff sign up. With your idea, basically each message you send to WNS would have a small piece of data (0/1) to let the code know you have a callback. From there the email happens. You'd have to be in a database for this to occur. Somewhere (the db) has to store that waiting piece of data (where to send). So at current that part of the WNS comment system is just another layer of anonyminity we've always had.

Another option is a mass live feed of the comments and you can see the spread a little better. Perhaps read your WNS username (if not Anonymous) and highlight all your messages or some indicator to highlight that's got some shit in there bout you. A live feed would be a little weird since you take the context out of the process of it all but it will offer a link to get to the main article it came from w/ headline.

Now's the time if you have anymore suggestions. WNS 6.0 is on the horizon as many cool methods to deliver data in the pocket these days and that's where we're heading website wise. Look & feel be much the same except some optimizing of it.

There, that's a big ole bunch of text.

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Re: Website suggestions/wishlist

Is it possible to block people on the forum?


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