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#1 2020-12-21 18:54:20

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Dream Cross Over Matches

So let says we lived in a perfect world where all wrestling promotion fandoms got along and worked together, what would be some of your dream cross promotion matches? This doesn’t just got for AEW and WWE but across the board, what are some matches you’d like to see if there was a chance?

None of the “it’ll never happen” stuff, I’m well aware, I’m just saying, in a perfect world, what matches would you like to see happen?

For me I’d like to see Becky Lynch vs Shida, Big Swole vs Naomi that would be a ton of charisma, Finn Balor vs Sammy G, Sasha vs Big Swole, The Young Bucks vs The Usos. He’ll even Roman vs Mox just to see the difference. There are a ton others but I’m interested to know what other people would like to see.


#2 2020-12-21 19:14:42

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Re: Dream Cross Over Matches

This one might not be a cross promotion dream match, as we do not as yet know which promotion she will sign with. But I would like to see Charlotte Flair vs Tessa Blanchard. I would also like to see The North vs The Uso’s. Demon King Finn Balor vs Darby Allin. Sammy Guevara vs Seth Rollins. Thunder Rosa vs Asuka.

There is also so many I have left out, who knows they could happen one day.


#3 2020-12-25 20:20:48

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Re: Dream Cross Over Matches

Omega vs Rollins, AJ, or Adam Cole. Maybe even Undisputed Era vs The Elite
Charlotte or Becky vs Shida
Uso's vs Young Bucks
and I mean with Sting being in AEW now, a cinematic Sting vs Taker match would be nice haha


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