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The Tribal wrestling fan bases

So i have been a wrestling fan my whole life and with no friends IRL who like wrestling my only way i communicate with others about pro wrestling is online. One thing that shocks me is how weird wrestling fans are regarding the tribalism of pro wrestling which seems dumb. So i joined this forum hoping to find something different. Whats your favorite promotions and what do you think regarding the whole "rivalry" between fan bases.


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Ben Kerin
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Re: The Tribal wrestling fan bases

I think true completion is good. It adds a whole new element and isn’t forced or contrived. What I do hate is when fans of either side hate on each other because the other enjoys something they don’t. Some of it gets real nasty. At least he constructive in your criticism.

& welcome to the forum. Lots of topics here for you to join in on. Feel free to join our DISCORD also


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Re: The Tribal wrestling fan bases

Hi Welsh and welcome to the forum.  I watch WWE, AEW, and Impact each week (cant watch Smackdown at the moment, another one of those fights between the satellite provider and the local channel,,,again).  Together they have bit and pieces of what I enjoy about pro wrestling.  Sometimes I think the fans make more of a bigger deal about it than the wrestlers themselves.  Im good with all of them as long as they keep their main focus on being the best version of themselves and not worry so much what the other is doing.


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Re: The Tribal wrestling fan bases

I've been watching wrestling basically my entire life, both of my brothers still watch but they aren't as big of fan as I am, but I do consider myself pretty lucky as my best friend is a giant wrestling fan, even more so than I am, he's been die hard since he was a kid too, we also work together so we can talk back and forth about it as much as we want. I'm more so an AEW fan now a days but I still watch Smackdown, NXT, don't get to watch Raw as much anymore but I try to keep myself updated as I can, Impact is something I am trying to get more into because the last time I watched it was in the Hogan era and I like to not remember it as much. I do believe competition is overall good because it pushes all products to be better, however, the consistent fighting between fans on watch is better gets on my nerves as well, I don't believe in wasting time or energy on products you don't like/enjoy and more so focusing on the ones you do, perfectly fine to like what you like and focus on that.


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