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Hypothetical WWE vs. AEW PPV

This topic is just for fun and fantasy booking. Let's say WWE and AEW came together and decided to have a one off co branded event. What match ups would you like to see? A few I have in mind are:

Seth Rollins vs. Kenny Omega

The OC vs. SCU

The Fiend vs. Jon Moxley(Yes we seen them before as Wyatt vs. Ambrose but make it a unsanctioned stipulation and let them book it together without input from management)

Brock Lesnar vs. Jake Hager(Book Hager as a badass who is credible enough to go toe to toe with Lesnar)

Cody vs. Triple H

Shad and Tony Khan vs. Vince and Shane McMahon(Okay I'm bsing this one for sure)


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El Pollo Loco
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Re: Hypothetical WWE vs. AEW PPV

I will do some modifications.

Seth Rollins is not in Kenny Omegas Level so i will do

Omega vs Styles

Jericho vs The Rock GOAT vs GOAT Match

Seth Rollins vs Adam Page

Cody vs HHH

Hager vs Lesnar

The Fiend vs Moxley

The Miz vs MJF

The Young Bucks vs The OC vs Lucha Bros vs Santana and Ortiz(due to the Fact that WWE put the OC as the best Tag Team in the World, they are in the list but they are not the #1)

PAC vs Daniel Bryan

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Re: Hypothetical WWE vs. AEW PPV

AJ v Omega would be great. On board for that one.

Young Bucks v The Revival?

Reigns v Page? Maybe?


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