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#1 2020-11-19 16:40:20

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Darby Allin the Underdog Champion

Darby Allin, right now I kinda dubbing him the underdog champion with him being smaller then most guys he most likely will face...  I also have seen and even myself compare him to Sting (Crow persona), Raven (with his unusual matches/hardcore) also for being kinda a loner...   But one thing that have impressed me lately of him is he is very credible and should be, as I'm sure several critics don't take to him being a champion or being in the company...  Myself I can actually see him being a multi-time TNT Champion...

What are your thoughts of Darby, should he  be TNT Champion, and what should the long term goal for him be??


#2 2020-11-20 14:22:00

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Re: Darby Allin the Underdog Champion

You’re right several critics will not take to him being a champion, but I will admit I like Darby's character. I can see him having a few reigns with the TNT title, I can also see him winning the World title in the company too, purely based off him being the first “AEW original” to win a championship that hasn’t been in another major wrestling company.


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