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#1 2020-09-13 19:45:07

HC13 Aries Styles
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Dustin yet again showing he can still go with the best..

This past week on Dynamite (9-9-2020) proves that Dustin can still go with best or younger opponents as he gave Brodie Lee a great match...   Also the 8 man tag at the All Out PPV he held his own...   Also earlier this year  though he loss the Jake Hager I feel he  had a good match with him as well, not to mention last year 2019 when he face Cody at the Double or Nothing PPV...

I don't know  what the long term plans for Dustin is but I would love to see him hold Gold once more before he retires or slow down... Be it tag titles, or the TNT title or maybe one day  even though doubtful the AEW World title...   
What do y'all think??

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#2 2020-09-14 08:47:18

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Re: Dustin yet again showing he can still go with the best..

I feel Dustin has always been a good worker no matter where he has been, like with other coaches at AEW, I feel there will be numerous young talent that can benefit greatly from the knowledge that Dustin has got. It shows how adaptable he is too by being able to work with different talents no matter what the shape or size is of his opponents.

Personally I do not think Dustin would want a TNT or World Title run, I feel he would more want to push the younger talent, instead of putting a singles title on himself. I could see him and QT Marshall having a Tag Title run at some point though, even if it is only for a month or two.


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