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#1 2020-09-02 22:18:36

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Heel and Face Turns??

It may just be me, but I'm feeling with the past several months AEW been teasing some turns...
Wardlow turning face and against MJF??
Hangman Adam Page turning on Kenny Omega or vice visera??
Cody turning full heel upon his return??
Either or  Lance Archer and Jake Roberts turning face or Brian Cage and Tazz turning face???  Though I do like both Jake and Tazz as heel managers...
Allie turning back heel against Brandi??

What do y'all Think any that I missed, any turns you would like to see???


#2 2020-09-02 23:49:37

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Re: Heel and Face Turns??

Wouldnt be surprised at some point with Wardlow.  With Page and Omega, theyve been teasing Page almost the entire time but it would really be a surprise if Omega turned heel in the end.  I could possibly see Cody and Arn turning heel at some point.  Not sure yet about Archer/Jake and Cage/Taz, and Im not sure if Allie turning back heel would have that big of an impact on things.


#3 2020-09-03 13:52:43

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Re: Heel and Face Turns??

I believe they're eventually going to turn Wardlow face. It wouldn't surprise me if he accidentally costs MJF the match this weekend while attempting to interfere, and that's the catalyst for it.

I'm not exactly sure where they're heading with Page and Omega, although I think it'd be more interesting if Omega were the one to turn. Bring back the Cleaner please! They've heavily foreshadowed the possibility of both, though- so that could go either way.

Cody is going heel.

I don't see anything to the Archer/Roberts and Cage/Taz thing beyond them setting up some tension for the inevitable big man showdown. I think they'll both stay heel. They could use another big guy on the face side, but I look for that to be Wardlow.

Brandi will turn on Allie, I think. Brandi's head has slowly gotten bigger and bigger. It makes sense to let her go heel with Cody. She's better as a heel, anyway. Allie can work either side well, but I prefer her as a face. She's likeable, to me. She could also stick with the Natural Nightmares, or whatever they decide to call them if the Nightmare family splits with the Cody turn.


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