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If AEW gets Lesnar then think Lesnar vs. Jericho finally happens...

Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar never had a match together in WWE but it could finally happen in AEW if Lesnar decides to sign with them. If Lesnar signs then a feud with Jericho would probably happen right off the bat.

I stopped watching AEW but if Brock signs, I would probably start watching again.

Jericho vs. Brock would be awesome in my opinion.

I think Brock in AEW would be good for him. More creative freedom and think how much more Brock would be able to do wrestling wise? If Brock signs with AEW, he would get a different theme song and new finishers.

Love Lesnar or hate him all you want to but Lesnar vs. Jericho as a main event for an AEW ppv would be huge.

If Lesnar gets brought in to AEW, they would probably build Lesnar as this unstoppable monster and Jericho thinks he's the only who can stop him.



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Re: If AEW gets Lesnar then think Lesnar vs. Jericho finally happens...

I highly, highly doubt Lesnar would go to a different company other than WWE. Basically, when Vince wants Brock back, he'll throw a ton of money at him and he'll be back in WWE. It's happened before, he's just not needed on the roster right now. He knows how much money he can get from WWE and I doubt he'd go anywhere else just because of that fact alone. Lesnar also likes working his light schedule, doesn't seem like he wants long term story lines, I don't think he'd fit in AEW also because of that.

Also, I am personally not at all interested in seeing Jericho vs Lesnar, but that is just my opinion.


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Re: If AEW gets Lesnar then think Lesnar vs. Jericho finally happens...

There is almost 0 chance Lesnar ends up in AEW, I'd say. The cost would be astronomical, and I don't know if they'd be positioned to do that. Say they were though, I'd argue they shouldn't- spend the money on multiple people instead, and try to find the next big star.

Plus, I think this whole deal is half a work. I do believe Brock's a free agent, but only in the sense they didn't come to a deal because WWE doesn't plan on using him right now. They'll run Heyman/Reigns for awhile and build that. When the time is right, they'll call Brock, offer him a huge sum of money, and he'll return to take on Roman. Between now and that inevitable showdown, it really just doesn't make sense to have Brock on tv.


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Re: If AEW gets Lesnar then think Lesnar vs. Jericho finally happens...

Personally I do not want to see Brock in AEW, also I do not feel AEW needs him. I would like AEW to not sign anyone for a little bit now as their roster has become very overinflated.

Yes Brock is still a big ratings and box office attraction, but I do not feel it would be the smartest thing to do for Brock or AEW. I do not particularly get your point about Brock getting more creative freedom in AEW if he was to go there, when we know that Brock already has a lot of creative control in WWE, as we saw at the Royal Rumble this year, as we saw in his match against Dean Ambrose at Wrestlemania, as we saw at another Wrestlemania when he changed the order of the match card so he could go on first, do another quick match, just so he could go back home. He would have a different theme, but I do not see him changing his finishers beyond the F5 or Kimura lock. Also with the unstoppable monster part too that you say about, Lesnar has already been built like that in WWE so what is the difference going to be if he did go to AEW? The only thing that will be different is the talent that he beats in squash matches.

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