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#1 2020-08-01 11:31:15

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Fresh Matchups vs Long Term Storylines

This a topic I’ve discussed with some friends of mine and I’m curious at what you all think. If you get Fresh matchups every other week then your sacrificing long term storylines and vice versa because in my opinion you can’t have it both ways. Your either going to get fresh matchups with very little storyline build or repeat matchups to build a long term storyline. Not to mention the fact that no matter what direction they take they’re going to be criticized for it. While I do agree that creative does need to be better I also understand that it can be difficult to do that because of the indecisiveness of fans and who they want pushed. So my question is simple. What should WWE focus more on Fresh Matchups or Long Term Storylines? Let me know your thoughts on this subject.

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Re: Fresh Matchups vs Long Term Storylines

That's an interesting perspective.  Each program should probably have at least 1 long term story line (3 months or longer) and then the rest with fresh matchups to build around.


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