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Alliances and Stables and Manager-Coaches

With AEW they have went old school with the idea of stable and alliances some with manager-coaches-advisers
1- Arn Anderson- who have been in Cody's corner.... (Spoiler) for those who haven't watch this weeks Dynamite he was there when FTR signed their "AEW Contract"..... Then at the end came in Hangman Page  who reference them as the Mid-Atlantic Boys...
2- Tully Blanchard- who have been in Shawn Spears corner for a while and have been scouting  even FTR and several other talents on both Dynamite and Dark...
3- Jake Roberts- who leads the monster Lance Archer, Jake does the talking Archer does the fighting and beating people up...
4- Tazz - who brought Brian Cage to AEW and now have Ricky Starks, but will we see his stable grow anymore??

So to ask, I want to ask what  are your thoughts of the managers-coaches leading these groups???   Who would make a great manager, and who would you make a stable or group out of???


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Re: Alliances and Stables and Manager-Coaches

I'd be into the idea of Arn Anderson playing the JJ Dillon role, and leading a group consisting of Cody, Page and FTR.

I love Roberts' work, but I wouldn't change anything there, or add people to his act with Archer. Archer doesn't play well with others, and they just seem better as loner types.

Tully's been great; and if she straightens herself out, the obvious addition there would seem to be Tessa Blanchard. There's also a guy that's been appearing regularly on Dark, who I believe is named Corey Hollis(?), and I really enjoy his wrestling. I'd put him with Tully, too, and let Tully do the lifting on the mic.

Tazz has also been superb, but right now I don't know what I'd change with that group. I'd be open to seeing it grow, though.

If Omega turns heel- as he should- I'd also build a faction around him. I'd flip the Bucks heel, too. Brian Pillman Jr. strikes me as a guy who'd fit there, if they could sign him full time.


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