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GLOW Wrestling

Some of you may be too young to remember, but during the mid to late 80s there was a program called Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling that was on TV, most of the time Saturday nights at 7 pm, at least in our area.  There was a report last night that one of the original ladies on the program, Becky Mullen, who went by Sally the Farmer's daughter, passed away at age 55 due to cancer.  After GLOW, she went on to appear in TV shows such as Married With Children, as well as in the music group Van Halen's video for the song "Poundcake" in 1991.  Just wanted to get your thoughts from those who may have remembered the GLOW days.


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Re: GLOW Wrestling

it was one of the reasons I use to stay up late on weekends as a kid..  It was on after midnight here, as the station I watched it  on had WWF Wrestling Challenge  and then Glow on 12:30am on Saturday nights... Barely remember some of the matches, but I do remember the cross appeal with some of their stars  appearing on Married With Children and other tv comedies..


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