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#1 2020-07-28 14:49:29

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Debuts and Returns

So last week at Slammiversary and on Impact we seen the debut of the Good Brothers,  Heath Miller,  as well as returns of Eric Young,  EC3 and Motor City Machine Guns....   My thoughts I think the one which shocked most was the Motor City Machine Guns returning getting a big PPV win and then defeat the top team of Impact the North for the tag titles (hoping for a Best of 5 series much like the Machine Guns and Beer Money had back in the day)...   The Good Brothers  looks like they going feud with Reno Scum and Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, before they most likely get a tag title shot at either the MCMGs or the North...  Eric Young obviously will feud with Eddie Edwards, prob Eddie's next blood feud??    EC3 most likely going feud with Moose over the TNA title he have stolen and acting as champion with...
With that for those who tuned in last week or who watches Impact what are your thoughts of these debuts and returns and storyline directions and the ones we may see in the next few weeks???


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Re: Debuts and Returns

Im glad to see EC3, Eric Young, among others make their returns.  Any credibility they had as a wrestler was totally destroyed during their times in WWE, so I hope this will be an opportunity for them to get their groove back so to speak.  Impact must have something planned as they have all new champions across the board.  Still unsure what's gonna become of the TNA title that Moose has been carrying around, haven't figured that one out yet.


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Re: Debuts and Returns

I'm really excited to see Impact, and I really didn't expect to ever say that again. Bravo to them!


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