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Extreme Rising (2012-2014)

Did you guys ever see any of the Extreme Rising events that took place from 2012 to 2014? For those who may not know, Extreme Rising's roster had a lot of the ECW Originals, with a few younger talents in the mix as well. Their shows actually sold fairly well from what I remember reading, and the fans usually seemed to have a good time.

Did you ever think it had a chance at succeeding?


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Re: Extreme Rising (2012-2014)

The only chance it had, was for Shane Douglas to not be the promoter/booker. He is a bitter old wreck holding on to ancient history and convinced that he is God's gift to the squared circle. Need proof? Okay, go watch House of Hardcore. They don't shit on WWE, or WCW, Tommy Dreamer never talks about who supposedly screwed him, or how his childhood hero turned out to be an actual human being. HoH focuses on the talent.


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