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#1 2020-04-07 12:18:10

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Who had the better debut Lance Archer or Brodie Lee??

It been a few weeks since both made their debuts... So with that who had a more impactful debut Lance Archer or Brodie Lee??  I feel both had good debuts but maybe Archers was better due to the crowd and being in the company of Jake Roberts, as for Lee his in his own right was good base on the surprise element and with no audience...  But indeed Archers probably was the better of the two...

So what are your thoughts?


#2 2020-04-07 16:58:50

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Re: Who had the better debut Lance Archer or Brodie Lee??

Honestly I enjoyed the broken one's debut. Between the BTE teasers, and hardy',s teasers. Then vanguard 1 showing up! Then the piano music! I just wish it was in front of a big crowd! I feel they got the other two mixed up. I think Lee should have been with Jake Roberts and Hoyt be exaulted. And a real exaulted one, not with the ribbing McMahon bullshit. Either it's a serious character or not...but pick


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