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The Exalted One

It was revealed on Dynamite that Brodie Lee(Luke Harper) is the leader of the Dark Order and according to him the Dark Order will do what they want when they want. I’m kinda getting a TNA Aces and Eights vibe from The Dark Order. Now obviously one was a biker gang(Aces and Eights) and one is more of a cult(Dark Order) but there are some similarities and don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking Dark Order or even saying that it’s a bad thing but I’m just curious if anyone else sees the similarities. What do y’all think about this subject and do you like the choice of Brodie Lee as the Exalted One.


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Re: The Exalted One

I never really watched tna, but from what I remember aces and 8s was a main event thing for them like nWo. Dark Order is not. There are plenty of people and even factions higher up then them. I do think it has potential and I do think luke Harper gives them a nice jolt of energy and even some long term sticking power.


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