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Cody Rhodes, wasn't a fan at first but now I am... respect grew slowly

When AEW first started, I wasn't a fan of Cody Rhodes as a performer and wrestler 'cause I used to believe he was all about "conflict of interest" seeing that he's also one of the big officials working behind the scenes of the company. As time goes along, though, my respect for Cody slowly grew. He really is a great wrestler and great performer after all. He delivered some pretty great promos and his wrestling skills is top notch. Since he's part of the Elite, I thought he would win all the time and put a belt on him but I thought wrong. Creatively Cody is not afraid to lose matches and not afraid to make himself look like a jobber when needed. He's not afraid to make himself look bad in storylines 'cause he needs to do what he needs to do in order to get the other talent over as a heel which is why MJF is getting over. Cody is helping MJF become the top heel in the business. I think Cody is just trying his best to leave his ego at the door with the company and keep things fair with other talent. Cody will one day become AEW Champion but not right now.

You have to give props to Cody and I don't think it's fair that he gets a lot of hate 'cause he is helping the Indy scene explode in the business. Wasn't a fan of Cody at first but now I'm a huge fan. That young man is doing great things in the wrestling business.

Your thoughts on Cody?

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Re: Cody Rhodes, wasn't a fan at first but now I am... respect grew slowly

Oh I love Cody! Just his vision for wrestling in general I love. As a wrestle I don't think anyone is more over then h right now. I have been to a dynamite taping and to all in and let me tell you his reaction was unreal. Only the rock and Daniel Bryan durimg his yes movement got bigger reactions. His matches are great. He has a great look (not a fan of the neck tatoo, but oh well) and he has been nailing his promos. I just hope the elite all stay friends and AEW succeeds for a long time.


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