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AEW is good for indie wrestlers to get more national fame...

I always see AEW haters saying stuff like AEW is just a place for ex-WWE guys who didn't make it. You see, that's where I strongly disagree on. That statement is so ignorant and silly at best.

In defense of AEW, it's a great opportunity for wrestlers to keep doing what want they want to do is wrestle and perform on TV. Yeah, in AEW there are ex-WWE guys, ex-TNA guys and ex-WCW guys. They switched over to AEW 'cause they want to continue to make a living of what they do is wrestling.

On top of all this, AEW is a great opportunity for indie wrestlers to get more fame and more recognition. In AEW, you see more indie wrestlers than former WWE, TNA and WCW guys. I think AEW is great for the independent circuit of wrestling 'cause them being on national TV will help get them recognized more and get more national fame. Sure, guys like the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega were already getting a little fame before AEW. Those guys were getting buzz in the indie circuit. It gives indie stars an opportunity to get more exposure as "pro wrestlers" and not just "indie" wrestlers. Right now, all those indie wrestlers in AEW are no longer "indie"... they are in the "pros" now.

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega has been sparking a lot of buzz long before AEW and I'm glad they're finally getting the recognition they deserve 'cause all three of those men are talented wrestlers. The same can be said for Adam Page who is also former indie star and now turned pro wrestler. I know WWE tried to sign all 4 of those guys but they refused and went to AEW instead which was a smart move.

Chris Jericho wants to take credit for giving us AEW and helping the company get great success like they are having now but would all these people care about AEW if they didn't sign Jericho? Yes. If AEW didn't have Jericho, I'm sure a lot of people would have tuned in anyways 'cause they would be curious about the Young Bucks, Omega and Page. I'm sure a lot of people tune in for those guys.

In indie wrestling, indie wrestlers perform in a lot of smaller places with smaller crowds... AEW is a good opportunity for them to perform in bigger arenas.

I find it unfair that WWE fans trash AEW. Both companies deserve respect and I'm not on one side at all as I love both WWE and AEW. I watch both and so should you. All wrestling companies need our support.

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Re: AEW is good for indie wrestlers to get more national fame...

I agree with you to a certain extent but let’s not forget that this is a two way street. I’ve seen just as many AEW fans trashing WWE as I have WWE fans trashing AEW. Right now I don’t watch AEW and the main reasons are the shots that they keep taking at WWE even though they said they were gonna stop and the blatant hypocrisy of some members of the AEW fanbase. Those 2 things are kind of a turn off for me personally and are the main reasons I don’t watch AEW along with the simple fact that I don’t have time to watch it because of work. As far as Jericho goes. Let’s be honest here AEW wouldn’t have had a main event superstar that could connect with some WWE fans that were looking for something different if it wasn’t for Jericho. That’s not a shot at The Elite but if Jericho hadn’t signed with AEW then fans outside the hardcore AEW fanbase wouldn’t be that familiar with anyone else in AEW except for Cody and Moxley. I want AEW to succeed and I agree it’s a great place for Indy talent to go.


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