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Thoughts on Kenny Omega

Seeing the article posted about Kenny Omega under performing had me wondering what everyone's opinion on him.

I'll be honest I haven't seen his work in NJPW but I have seen his work on a weekly basis in AEW. I saw where everyone hyped him up as the best in the world and I honestly just don't see it.

My question is do you think he's overrated or it's a fair claim where he's this all world performer?

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Re: Thoughts on Kenny Omega

So here is the deal. Whether you are Kenny Omega or you are Barry Holwitz (Look it up young bucks no pun intended lol.) You are going to think that you individually truly is "The best in world".

Now Omega If paired with the right dance partner he is the best in the world. Motivated by a good story..he is the best in the world..In NJPW he is THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

Being around your friends, running a company, just doing the same thing, he has became boring because he has became complacent.

Something just like with anything we like where we are at because we are scared to change and progress


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Re: Thoughts on Kenny Omega

In my opinion, anyone that says Kenny is under performing is a delusional idiot. No way he's under performing as I think he's one of my favorites right now and it's him that keeps me watching AEW. I can see why Kenny sparked a lot of buzz in the independent business in the past 'cause he's great. Probably the best in the wrestling business right now. He's not afraid to put his body at risk just to put on a great performance in a match. The man has balls and I respect him so much. He's one of the best in the industry and he will one day become AEW champion down the road... he could be the next one after Jericho, don't be surprised.


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Re: Thoughts on Kenny Omega

AEW are doing the right thing with Kenny Omega right now, as when you look at the USA side of their business, Jericho is unquestionably a larger name than him, so having the belt on him makes sense.

Which does unfortunately give them a dilemma with Omega, as they cannot have him keep fighting Jericho for the belt to lose it, otherwise the newer fanbase will think he is a joke.

Hence the ongoing storyline with two big ex-wwe superstars being used.

Tagging Omega with Page is a good idea for the time being, and feuding with the "Bucks of Youth" means that he can get better exposed to the communities that might not have known about him.

Plus, now he's on a weekly TV show, he no doubt needs to adapt to a TV style of booking that AEW are aiming for, so the Tag matches help everyone to further learn more (Not saying he needs to learn at all) but it never hurts!

Omega will without a doubt become AEW champion, and I think it'll be before the year is out too, but playing the long game with him is a great idea, and he's probably asked for it too, as he now has a chance to rest and recover whilst working less demanding matches.


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