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Wrestling’s popularity

The popularity of wrestling is a very debatable topic and I thought bringing it to the forum would be good. My question to everyone is that could the overall decline in viewership ratings be because wrestling isn’t as popular as it once was like in the attitude era or even the ruthless aggression era? I know a lot of people want to blame Creative and poor booking for the declining viewership numbers but  I think the decline in the popularity of wrestling today is a big factor in the lower viewership numbers and I know that’s a tough pill for the IWC to swallow and some of you probably don’t or won’t want to admit it’s true. What are y’all’s thoughts on the popularity of wrestling in today’s era.


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Re: Wrestling’s popularity

With Viewership, I feel it have several factors to where it's at right now.  1. The WWE monopoly on wrestling for the past 20 years...  lots of fans isn't there or the fan base have changed with some older fans not watching as much compare to 20-25 years ago....  2. Next take it we in the most technical time in History, where every thing is at the touch of our hands, be it the TV, the computer, internet, phone, anything one watches is all over the internet..   3.  Viewing habits,  this goes back to #2  everything is online on the internet or even on-demand, thus can almost watch it anytime one wants..

So to answer I feel Wrestling still is popular, as yes the fans is still showing up, the fans is still watching  with the WWE 2.5 million each show, NXT under a million, AEW around a million. other wrestling I would estimate around a million watches as well..


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Re: Wrestling’s popularity

I feel like people who didn't actively watch Wrestling still knew who guys were (Hogan, Andre, Rock, Austin, Cena etc) but now days the average guy who doesn't watch wrestling doesn't know who Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, The Fiend, Daniel Bryan etc) are.

It's probably less popular to the average joe now days, but wrestling fans are still prominent


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Re: Wrestling’s popularity

I still watch myself, and plan to as long as its on TV.  I believe the WWE miscalculated when they bought out WCW, figuring their viewers would automatically come on over and tune in, but a lot of them quit watching, period, as WWE's numbers didn't significantly increase.  With so many options in todays era, its almost impossible to bring in the casual viewer anymore.


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