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The Women Division in AEW

This may spin several other posts- and topics- threads and discussions....  But it seems to me the AEWs Women's division have improved greatly over the past year- few months esp.... Looking  at the champion Hikaru Shida maybe the top woman in wrestling right now- if not one of the top 5 women in all of wrestling right now....  Tay Conti, her climbing the ranks in AEW have  kept me tune in as well as the good looks of her...  Anna Jay even though she is out with injury she was very much improved through 2020, and could see her upon her return climbing the rankings and challenging for the Women's title...   Then looking at Britt Baker DMD, for sure will be and most likely even possible the next Women's champion, probably also one of the best heels....  Also got Jade Cargill which I think her potential and future is bright.... Thunder Rosa another top woman not only in AEW, but also the NWA and also world wide....  There is several others I may touch on  as the discussion goes on... 

With that what woman in AEW have impressed you, what do you think of AEWs women division going into year 3 of AEW???


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Re: The Women Division in AEW

With not knowing anything about the majority of the women's wrestlers except for Allie when AEW started, I like where they've come to this point.  Right now its pointing toward Britt Baker getting a chance at the title against Hikaru Shida.  I could possibly see her winning at their next PPV.


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Re: The Women Division in AEW

Britt will most likely get the title at the next PPV, I don't see it being a clean win as in a lot of her high profile matches she's cheated to win, I.E the first match she had with Rosa. She's a heel so it'll fit. I am hoping that they will spread some more of the focus so it's not centered around Baker and give other women on the roster time to shine. Would love to see feuds involving Big Swole, Tay Conti, Kris Statlander, Nyla, Serena Deeb, and hopefully once Rosa's contract is up with NWA they will snatch her up.


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