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MLW Superfight Results

No DQ Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu retained his belt against LA Park. Josef Samael fireballed the referee. Park accidentally speared Salina de la Renta through a table in the corner. Superkick, Samoan drop, moonsault for Fatu to get the pin.

National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone retained against Davey Boy Smith Jr. Big boys with big blows. Hammer won via roll-up, and also grabbing the ropes.

Stairway to Hell: Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Havoc and Bestia 666 in a three-way. There were wooden boards, chairs, a trashcan, and, of course, barb wire. Ole Mancer hit Bestia with a superplex through a wooden board to win.

Tom Lawlor defeated Timothy Thatcher. Outstanding chess match. Strong style being strongly strong. Lawlor won via rear naked choke after bloodying Thatcher on the ground.

Low Ki defeated Brian Pillman Jr. Low Ki knocked out Pillman with three different head kick variations after battling back and forth for about ten minutes. Rugged fight.

Middleweight Championship: Teddy Hart retained the title against Austin Aries. Aries attempted a suicide dive, Hart dodged, and Aries’ face collided with the guardrail. Dead weight, out cold. In ring, Aries surprise roll-up. Kick out. Hart hit a Canadian Destroyer to win. Great match. Post-bout, Josef Samael cut a promo saying Teddy and the Von Erichs now have a target on their backs as champs.

Injustice defeated Gringo Loco, Septimo Dragon, & Puma King. Reed connected on a springboard 450 splash to pin Septimo Dragon. Constant crazy pace.

Texas Tornado Tag Team Championship: The Von Erichs win tag titles over the Dynasty. Marshall locked in the iron claw on MJF, then Ross came over for the back suplex/iron claw combo maneuver. Marshall pinned MJF with the iron claw still intact. Rocking opener.

Pre-show bouts:

Simon Gotch & Ikuro Kwon defeated Douglas James & Dominic Garrini and the Spirit Squad in a three-way tag contest. Kwon spit RED MIST into Mondo’s face. Gotch ended it with a cradle piledriver.

Hijo de LA Park defeated Zenshi via back-to-belly cradle piledriver. Zenshi missed a 450 splash, then Hijo clobbered him with a lariat. The finishing piledriver followed.

MJF had a gift train for Richard Holliday. MJF took the sunglasses off his own head and placed them on Holliday. Dynasty, bro. MJF told Holliday to rock it hard.

Gino Medina defeated Air Wolf via Eat Defeat. The match was a little sloppy in Medina’s MLW debut. He had an arrogant persona.

Leo Brien defeated Savio Vega via cowbell. Vega pushed the referee on a corner break, Brien clocked Vega with a cowbell, then the pin.

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