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Wrestlemania this year, terrible card so far... doesn't feel like WM.

The only match that feels like "Wrestlemania" is maybe Shane McMahon vs. Braun Strowman... Asuka vs. Rhea Rhipley sounds exciting too, though.

I was actually looking forward to Edge vs. Roman Reigns 'cause that felt like "Wrestlemania" as well but then they added Daniel Bryan as a triple threat really? Now that match feels like a RAW main event and now I'm not looking forward to that match anymore. There's not much for exciting matches this year.

It's also gonna feel weird without the Undertaker having a match.

A shame. Wrestlemania used to be real exciting but this year? Not so much. I'm gonna watch anyways 'cause it's "Wrestlemania" and I watch it every year. WM has gone downhill over the years, though.

What are your thoughts on the card so far?


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Re: Wrestlemania this year, terrible card so far... doesn't feel like WM.

The majority of matches are just thrown together this year. There's clearly been no long term planning other than a handful of matches.

Sheamus VS Matt Riddle?
Apollo Crews VS Big E?
Seth Rollins VS Cesaro?
AJ & Omos VS New Day?

All these matches have little to no story to them. Even McIntyre VS Lashley has nothing going for it.

The only matches I'm really looking forward to is Fiend VS Orton, Shane VS Braun, Owens vs Zayn and MAYBE the Universal title match. But even of those 4 matches, Fiend VS Orton will be a squash and Braun VS Shane in a steel cage massively limits what they could do.

I think WWE just assume that because it's WrestleMania, and because it's the first show with fans back in attendance, they don't need to put much effort in. But this is by far the worst lineup for a WrestleMania perhaps ever. There's a serious lack of big stars and big matches. And making it a 2 night event this year was a bad call. Instead of stretching it out over 2 nights, they should have packed their biggest and best matches into one night.

I was even looking forward to WrestleMania in the Performance Centre last year more than this, and that's saying something.


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Re: Wrestlemania this year, terrible card so far... doesn't feel like WM.

I think this Mania like last will be another write off in the annuals of Mania history. It will however have some highlights. We badly need crowds back.


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Re: Wrestlemania this year, terrible card so far... doesn't feel like WM.

There's been Wrestlemania's before where it looks like there's nothing going for it and they turned out to be pretty good, not sure if that's going to be the case this year, but who knows. I've felt the same way about the booking though. I still think it's incredibly stupid to have a ppv two weeks before Mania, especially when there wasn't a single title change. I still have no clue what's going on with the Universal title. After all WWE was doing with Sheamus and McIntyre it seems stupid that they're not going to go at it in some capacity at Mania. Hell I'd prefer Sheamus vs McIntyre vs Lashley rather than them adding Daniel Bryan to the Universal Championship match. I think that's just WWE thinking they could capitalize on the magic they once had with Bryan. If this was a year into his comeback with him striving to get the championship that he never lost then yeah I'd be all for it. He's won the WWE title since his return though, and it could have been just as easy to say he won't get his shot at Mania, but he could at w/e the next ppv after that is. Knowing WWE he'd only have to wait 2 weeks after Mania for another title shot. Edge vs Reigns should have been a singles match, and Edge should put Reigns over. Adding Daniel Bryan only makes me think that Reigns is going to lose the title but they don't want Reigns taking that pinfall.


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