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No Holds Barred/no dq type of matches don't work in PG land... sorry

While I appreciate the WWE trying to keep "hardcore" type of wresting matches alive like No Holds Barred, Streetfights, no dq's, etc. It is bothersome how they're keeping those type of matches family friendly. Yeah, they still do dangerous stunts and dangerous bumps still but no blood at all? Seriously?

What you see in WWE now is not true "hardcore". If you want an example of real hardcore, watch the video above. The extreme violence and gruesome matches is what's missing. WWE used to do that stuff during the Attitude Era and it was all exciting stuff.

If you want examples of extreme wrestling watch matches by any of these guys... Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Sabu, Sandman, RVD, Hardcore Holly, Al Snow, Tommy Dreamer (especially), RVD, Bruiser Brody and the list goes on and on.

Thankfully we still have wrestlers like Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega still trying to keep extreme wrestling alive which they do a good job of.

What I'm saying is "Hardcore/Extreme Wrestling" doesn't belong in a family friendly environment. That type of wrestling style wasn't made for the faint of heart. All the gruesome stunts and blood, it's supposed to gross you out. Anyhow, it's interesting how most of today's wrestling industry have no love for extreme wrestling anymore. I still love it. It's my favorite wrestling style which was why I am a huge fan of Mick Foley and always has been.

I do miss this style of wrestling and wish the wrestling industry wouldn't make it disappear. It's great stuff. It's what got me into wrestling for the most part.



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