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Should Daniel Bryan be added to the Universal title match WM?

My question here is simple. Should Daniel Bryan be added to the Universal Title match at WM even though he lost at Fastlane? My answer is yes. The finish at Fastlane was controversial which is the perfect reason to add Bryan to the WM Universal title match. Not to mention having both Bryan and Edge in the match would protect Roman if they decide to have him drop the title. Roman doesn’t take the pin or submission which would allow a title change without hurting Roman’s momentum as a heel. He could cut promos post WM about how he was never pinned or submitted which would lead to a continued feud with whomever the champ is. What are y’all’s thoughts on this? On a side note I would appreciate it if this topic stayed on topic and didn’t turn into Roman bashing. Thank You and I hope y’all have a blessed and wonderful day!!


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Re: Should Daniel Bryan be added to the Universal title match WM?

More than likely he will be, as they seem to be leaning in that direction.  As you mentioned, Roman could lose w/o taking the pin and still look strong.  Technically the Fiend could say the same thing because the match he lost was a triple threat and Braun Strowman was the one that took the pinfall.


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Re: Should Daniel Bryan be added to the Universal title match WM?

He should definitely be added, hes a main event talent and he should be. Don’t take this as Roman bashing, I genuinely enjoy Roman and have been enjoying his run, I just wish Daniel being added didn’t automatically feel like he’s being added for the sole reason of protecting Roman, because it most likely is gonna end with Edge pinning Daniel and winning the title, so it feels like kind of a spoiler to the end of the match. It should be because they are all three top tier superstars and each have a claim to that throne.

Either way, it’ll be a good match and Daniel is s tier in my opinion, so him being involved in the title picture isn’t a bad idea in my eyes.


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