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Who will induct Eric Bischoff into the Hall of Fame?

Who will induct Eric Bischoff into the Hall of Fame at the live ceremony this year when it returns??? I would have to say that it's a long overdue induction and it's about freakin' time that he finally agreed to it. If Hulk doesn't end up doing it then there could be other options...

Here's a few big possibilities that could induct Eric into the Hall of Fame:

Hulk Hogan - Don't be surprised. Love him or hate him... Hulk has always been pretty tight with Eric over the years so don't be surprised that Eric could end up picking Hulk.

Diamond Dallas Page - Eric and DDP has always been pretty tight, I don't know if Vince will welcome DDP to have another WWE appearance since his AEW but hell Eric works for AEW now so ya never know. DDP could be another big one.

Ted Turner - Ted is alive and well believe it or not and he too could be a big possibility. Ted Turner has always been important to Eric's career so ya never know, Eric could pick him.

Vince McMahon - Another important person in Eric's career, probably won't happen but ya never know.

Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay - Eric started as a color commentator in WCW so any of these guys might be a good pick.

Those are my thoughts. Feel free to add some if you can think of anything else.


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