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Vince McMahon documentary coming to Netflix, will you watch???

Vince may think nobody is interested in him but he's so wrong on that. Believe it or not, Vince is one of the most respected businessmen on the planet despite all the controversy that surrounds him over the years. Believe it not, Vince does have a very large fan following himself even though he may not think so.

Think about it, right... each time Vince comes out to the ring to make his occasional appearance, he gets HUGE pops every time. The fans chant along to "No Chance In Hell" to the theme song and you can see many in the crowds bowing down to him.

A lot of wrestling fans respect the hell out of Vince 'cause not only that he is a genius businessman and he was the one who gave us all this, they also respected him 'cause he was a great performer in the earlier years back when he was heel Mr. McMahon. The iconic feud with him vs. Stone Cold which I'm sure this documentary will be mostly about. Love Vince or hate him, that was the greatest feud of all time.

I always wondered why WWE didn't do much on Vince himself over the years. No books, no documentaries on WWE Network and Vince explained the reason I guess... thinking that no one will be interested in him, he was more about people learning about the stars of WWE. The WWE released only one DVD about Vince and that was it, really. Nothing else was done for Vince so now Netflix is doing something. … t-To-Have/

I'm sure this documentary will have some stuff about the steroid trial, Chris Benoit murder/suicide and all that stuff but I'm more interested in learning more about Vince's life outside of WWE, how he started the company from his father, his family and all that stuff. We will soon know the real Vince McMahon with this docu and I can't wait. He always had been a private and mysterious guy so we will soon learn more about him.

Maybe more wrestling fans will have a change of heart and respect the man more after this???


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