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There was a report recently that the creative team asked people to pick who they feel is underutilized in WWE, and among almost everyone, everyone picked Cesaro. I can't disagree, and I can't figure out why the Swiss Superman hasn't been featured more effectively over the years. He's had some success, he's been Tag Team Champion, US Champion, and Won the Andre Battle Royal, but has very rarely been in World Championship contendership and it boggles my mind. He has all the tools to be a world champion, there have been far worse, with far fewer credentials. He is a good looking guy, he is fantastic in the ring, his mic skills are good, and to my knowledge has never had any serious heat on him backstage. He is extremely marketable, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he speaks a bunch of different languages, so you could send him almost anywhere to do media and whatnot. If Cesaro would've let his contract expire and jumped to AEW or almost certainly Impact he'd be World Champion inside of six months, maybe even his first match as a "mystery opponent." He would be pushed to the moon and rightfully so. I don't expect him to win the chamber match, but I really hope we see a title, preferably the Universal Championship on him by the end of 2021. 

*What do you guys think? Do you agree, why or why not? Please don't reply with "Cesaro Sucks" and leave it at that, I respect your opinion, but please give me a reason why you feel that way.

*Why do you think he stayed with WWE? It can't just be money, he's been there forever at this point and I'm sure is doing nicely for himself.

*And let's fantasy book, if he were to have left, which company would you have liked him to go to? My guess is he would've ended up with AEW, but I would love to see Cesaro vs. Nick Aldis for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship if he would've been a free agent for a while.


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Re: Cesaro

I like Cesaro and definitely agree that he has been underutilized by WWE and should have been a world champ by now. As far as why he re-signed with WWE goes I think there are a few factors as reasons. One being the fact that he probably realized that if he went to AEW he would be in a similar situation that he is now because their roster is starting to get a little overcrowded and that’s not even taking into consideration the extra wrestlers that are their because of their partnerships with Impact/NJPW. Shawn Spears is a perfect example of someone who left WWE because he was being underutilized and has ended up in a similar situation in AEW. Another reason I think he stayed and I’ll admit that it’s a bit out there is Xavier Wood’s YouTube channel UpUpDownDown. Cesaro is prominently featured on there and I’m sure that has helped him build his brand. Not to mention all the friendships that he has in the WWE probably played a factor too. Let me ask you this. If he left and went to AEW would his position there be any different than it is in WWE? Sure at first they might feature him but then does he end up like Shawn Spears or does he stay a featured wrestler?


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