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Le Dinner en Blanc and MJF/Jericho-Inner Circle Town Hall

I know the Le Dinner en Blanc got lots of negative feed-back, but I liked it myself... Then the MJF/Chris Jericho-Inner Circle Town Hall also liked it and enjoyed the surprise of seeing Eric Bischoff ask one of the questions... 
Both segments served their purpose, both was done to entertain, or add something to talk about rather negative or positive... Though the dinner and singing probably turned many people off, the characters of Jericho and MJF was shown to be what they are obnoxious, but yet they are so hated that some  even like them... Also I feel other past encounters from the parking lot, to MJF gifting Jericho and the Inner Circle jackets, both are golden on the mic...
What are your thoughts of  both scenes, as well  as other encounters between Jericho and MJF???


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Re: Le Dinner en Blanc and MJF/Jericho-Inner Circle Town Hall

I hated the "Le Dinner" segment. I cannot put into words how much I hated the "Le Dinner" segment. As a fan I realize there will be times I'm asked to stretch my suspension of disbelief, and that's fine. The musical number was way too over the top for my taste, though. I hate musicals to begin with. To me it made both Jericho and MJF look stupid and lessened their credibility.

The "Town Hall" wasn't bad, however. It felt somewhat more wrestling oriented and didn't come off as some type of variety sketch comedy show.


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