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HC13 Aries Styles
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FTR and the Young Bucks and the rest of AEW tag team division...

With FTR- Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood winning the World tag titles at All Out, they now is the top tag team in AEW... Looking  at the rest of the tag team division got the Young Bucks who I take will face FTR at the next PPV???  Then what ever left of Hangman Page and Kenny Omega, in which I wonder if they will do the rematch and then turn Kenny or Hangman in full???  Then  there is great tag teams which I think that can give FTR some good matches SCU Kazarian and Christopher Daniels being one team, the other being the Lucha Brothers, and not to forget Proud and Powerful- Santana and Ortiz...

Not to say tag teams that might not be high on the list to contend but can give  FTR a good match The Best Friends, Private Party, Jurassic Express, The Dark Order,  TH2 and the Butcher & the Blade....   
So with that I have three questions, who would you want to see FTR work a short term program with??  Who would you want to see FTR feud with (don't have to be in AEW)??  Who should FTR drop the belts to (also again don't have to be in AEW right now)??

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Re: FTR and the Young Bucks and the rest of AEW tag team division...

Short-term program, I'd want them to work with the Lucha Brothers. It'd be heel versus heel, so I know they wouldn't drag that out. I think the clash in styles would be an interesting match, though. Without much of an audience, you could get away with it now, too.

The feud I want is FTR vs. The Best Friends. That'd be fantastic.

When it comes time for them to drop the belts, it should be to Santana & Ortiz.


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Re: FTR and the Young Bucks and the rest of AEW tag team division...

Honestly, if I am thinking logically, when they drop the belts, it'll most likely be to the Young Bucks, they've had a long standing rivalry, FTR is a version of 'F the Revival' and that's been a bit on Being the Elite for a while now. I would love to see them feud with Best Friends, Lucha Bros, Santana and Ortiz, and Private Party. I am not sure how long they will hold the titles for, as they are the first real heel team to hold them, but due to the long term feud between FTR and Young Bucks, I do ultimately believe when they drop the titles, it'll be to the Young Bucks.

I also believe that is why they had Hangman help Best Friends beat the Young Bucks in the tag team gauntlet because the first time the Bucks face FTR is probably gonna be on a PPV in a title match.


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