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The Better debut, Matt Hardy, Brodie Lee, or Lance Archer?

My last post I just asked about Brodie Lee and Lance Archer/Hoyt, this time I including Matt Hardy..
Thus I ask who had the better debut on AEW Dynamite??   I also want to ask who had the better follow-up the following weeks after their debut??

By hands down Matt Hardy's debut with Vangaurd1  had to been the best of the 3...
But I liked the backstory of all 3 the weeks following, from Lance Archer training destroying that underground circus wrestling. Brodie Lee segments rather eating dinner or the board room  rage...
Then Matt Hardy encounter with Chris Jericho which was both bizzare and intriguing both at the same time...

With that thoughts please, what do y'all think?


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Re: The Better debut, Matt Hardy, Brodie Lee, or Lance Archer?

To me the exaulted one is all over the place. Sometimes he is serious sometimes he's making fun of Vince McMahon, other times he seems like a crazy person. The whole angle is still a train wreck. It started as recruiting those in society who is left out, they can have a place. Now they are getting yelled at of they cough in front of Lee. Just doesn't make sense.

Hoyt's debut was ok, but could have and probably should have been a lot better. I think he would have been a much better exaulted one. His match against Stunt was a joke.

Clearly the best was the broken one.


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