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Why This Board Exists

There is one severe problem the IWC is having right now and it's infecting every topic with WWE or AEW arguments and comparisons and it's becoming a massive derailment of discussion. This board is created for the purpose of consolidating conversation and NOT poisoning the other specific WWE and AEW boards with unrelated discussion. If people want to discuss WWE, let them. If people want to discuss AEW, let them. Here is where you will have to discuss the mixing of this topic. Threads will be moved, comments will be deleted, people will be banned if you cannot manage to adhere to this. It's not OK to just leap up on a WWE topic and derail it with your thoughts about AEW in the WWE forum, and respectively for the AEW forum. Do it here. Please. Let people be fans of things how they want to be fans of them. I understand social media is largely structured to have this degree of separation be impossible, so you're gonna have to recondition yourselves to put meaningful topics in to the proper forum. This is your bridge between this and that. Toxic behaviour is still not welcome so attempt to have some decorum and maintain the peace. Thanks.

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