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#1 2020-02-17 21:47:41

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Britt Baker Promos/Interviews

The first two promos was brutal, but served their point in the evolution of her heel turn....  The one on last weeks AEW (2-12-20) was probably much improved (with the help of Cody giving her points to go on...   
Though the place where she exceed her  heel role is in the ring and when she does nothing... Few weeks ago we seen her set and look on as other women get put through the table by Nyla Rose..  Last week (2-5-20) we seen a brutal streak in her pulling out a tooth of an opponent...

What do y'all think of the evolution of Britt Baker from face to heel???   Myself kinda like it, as it shows she can work both roles face or heel....


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Re: Britt Baker Promos/Interviews

Agreed.  They're getting better week by week, and her actions in the ring have been great.  Just needs to continually improve on her mic skills.


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