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WWE major stock drop

WWE’s stock recently took a bad hit due to the release/firing of two of its top executives. The issue that fans are debating when it comes to this topic is whether it was the in ring product that lead to the stock drop or was it the dismissal of two top executives in the company. Now based on the comments I’ve seen(not just on this site) it would appear that the fans are divided on the reasoning for the stock drop. Your pro AEW fans are doing what they usually do and blaming the in ring product for all of WWE’s problems whereas other more neutral fans see the drop having more to do with the executive side of the business. I tend to agree with the neutral fans on this that a drop in stock of this magnitude has more to do with the executive side of the business then it does the in ring product  Now is the in ring product a factor in the stock drop? Absolutely but to try and argue that it’s the only reason is just ridiculous in my opinion. What are y’all’s thoughts on this subject?


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Ben Kerin
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Re: WWE major stock drop

That's investors for you, they do not like uncertainty and getting rid of two key players is a big deal.

It is reported they didn't see eye to eye with Vince's vision, I'd like to see who he appoints next.


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Re: WWE major stock drop

These Vice Presidents that was let go was trying to warn Vince of troubles in some areas I'm sure..   But with Vince he don't like to be told what to do, and rarely will listen to others esp on the company side... Take the XFL as y'all shared in the Newsfeed JRs thoughts of the original XFL and how it was a failure...  I just wonder if investors are worried about the XFL launch, besides the Coronavirus outbreak in China  being part of the reason for the fall in the stock price??


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Re: WWE major stock drop

after departure of WWE ex executives, WWE looks in big trouble let see what happen next.


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