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Triple H speaks with media after NXT TakeOver: WarGames

Highlights, courtesy of Ryan Satin from Twitter:

- Triple H says all the talent was healthy, for the most part, after WarGames.

- Shawn Michaels will announce the NXT title match at Survivor Series tomorrow during the Kickoff show.

- Triple H says they waited to announce the NXT Survivor Series teams until after WarGames to see who would come out of the event injury free.

- Triple H says he accidentally referred to Tommaso Ciampa as the one who'd be announcing the men's team at Survivor Series during the post-show on Facebook. It will actually be William Regal who makes the announcement.

- In regards to CM Punk, Triple H notes that he is at an arms distance right now working with FOX and that they haven't had any talks with him about coming back.

Told Sam Roberts not to say the mystery person was in Chicago because they didn't want fans thinking it was CM Punk.

- "Those are the moments where I'm just holding my breath"

- Triple H on seeing Ciampa and Cole at the top of the cage before that big spot at the end.

Says he knew about the big spot ahead of time and signed off on it.

However, there WERE spots he veto'ed.

- Says Dakota Kai turning on Tegan Nox was a "design from step one" when they were planning the first women's WarGames match. Wasn't a last minute decision.

- Triple H confirms there's a whole plan for commentary tomorrow night at Survivor Series. Says Mauro, Beth and Nigel will be there and believes there will be some type of representation of the brand on commentary for each match NXT is involved in.

- In regards to WWE stars being excited to return to NXT, Triple H says it speaks to the brand and speaks to the fan base. "There's just a different buzz" in NXT.

- "The fanbase of NXT brings that passion to the talent and then the talent bring their passion back to them. It's a symbiotic relationship between the two."

- Triple H says when they talked to The Revival about coming back to NXT for the tag match last week, the team said yes instantly ... then asked how much time they'd have and we're so happy to hear it would be like 20 mins.

- Triple H claims the person in the truck who went to the shot of Britt Baker didn't know who she was and that she was part of another promotion, but they had to address it afterward. Says they'd never want to put her in a position where an on-air shot of her gets her heat though.


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