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#1 2019-11-18 10:27:55

Ben Kerin
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Will ROH survive another decade?

ROH has been in business for nearly 18 years soon, but can it survive another decade?

Some might say that the brand had it easy during the early 00's off the back of the demise of WCW and domination of WWE, they were always considered the "strong and stable" indy promotion that never sought any kind of direct competition.

But recently we hear things are not going to well for them, ticket sales are down, they have lost a lot of talent to NJPW & AEW and there are reportedly some creative issues backstage.

Given the rise of NJPW/AEW/OTHER big indy promotions can ROH survive another decade?

What needs to change?


#2 2019-11-18 10:49:06

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Re: Will ROH survive another decade?

ROH is the epitome of sitting on your hands waiting for somebody to kick your ass into oblivion. If they can become a developmental territory for WWE, pending NXT becomes a "main brand" or same for AEW then maybe that money injection can help them limp by. Several times ROH has had the players to make a decent impact and instead of using it they allow them to develop into the talent that travels indy feds and moves on to greener pastures for no other reason than they lack the green. I can't imagine hug and a handshake wrestling attracting bigger audiences for this company. They'll always be leaking their biggest names to higher end paying companies.

Alternatively I would've pulled the trigger on a darker theme and blasted people w/ a PPV to launch a new era like "Death of Honor/Ring of Dishonor" and moved on from hugs and handshakes a long time ago. The guns have been aimed at the American market for awhile now, they knew it was coming and it's happening. At this rate NWA will be a higher earning company w/ Powerrr.

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#3 2019-11-18 13:52:00

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Re: Will ROH survive another decade?

Partnerships have pretty much been Ring of Honors biggest plus, rather with New Japan, Mexico, OVW, NWA and etc... 
Thus I think the most obvious to stay relevant would be create a new partnership or mend fences even with Impact?  What kept Impact and ROH from working together in the past was (TNA's) management for the most part from 2007 to 2016... Now that Impact got new management and willing to work more with others then in past..  That may just be the answer?


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