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What's most shocking about this Ezekiel/Elias thing...

You think a guy like Elias w/ long hair and huge black bushy beard would be all freaky and ugly looking under there. So Elias shaves it all off and now everyone is probably like... wow... this Elias dude is actually a pretty good looking and handsome dude. Why would he have that big bushy beard and facial hair to begin with? Yeah, the guy who plays these two characters... his real name is Jeffrey Sciullo, he just grew the bushy beard as a way to fit the guitar player gimmick, ya know?

Elias originally had chest hair but Vince made him shave all that off too and now he looks like an actual muscle dude. I'm impressed with this Jeffrey Sciullo, though. He's a good actor. Notice how the speaking voice of Ezekiel and Elias are totally different? I bet Vince told him to change his voice too for the Ezekiel character.

Like I said in a different post, I think Kevin Owens will prevail in proving that Ezekiel is really Elias so I predict that Ezekiel will probably go back to the Elias name.

I'll have to say that this storyline is entertaining as hell and way better than the Vince & Hulk Hogan/Mr. America stuff.


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