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Two AEW wrestlers involved in a real-life FIGHT!

Cassidy Haynes of posted some details regarding a real-life fight between AEW star Jimmy Havoc and AEW announcer Excalibur on Thursday night at the birthday dinner for Tony Schiavone.

"According to a source I spoke with close to the situation, I was told that at some point during the altercation Jimmy Havoc threw a punch at Excalibur, but missed. Which led to Excalibur putting Havoc in a choke hold that put him to sleep. Atlas security stepped in and got Excalibur to release the choke hold, however the incident was not over because when Havoc came to he once again throws a punch at Excalibur only this time he connected. This resulted in a skirmish/brawl/pull apart between the two, until Atlas security could break it up and escort Jimmy Havoc outside.

Once outside, a member of Atlas security was attempting to calm an intoxicated Jimmy Havoc down, but this was interrupted when Excalibur came outside to try and talk things out. Jimmy was still upset and was not wanting to talk and was said to have thrown his cell phone in the direction of Excalibur, missing him but not the wall as his phone broke into pieces. Security again separated the two sending Excalibur back inside while they waited for an uber to pick up Havoc and take him back to the hotel.

I was at the event, and happened to walk outside and see the aftermath as Havoc was upset and yelling about what had just gone down.

I was told that the two have since talked things out and that there is no heat between the them and that Jimmy was very upset and remorseful over the whole situation." Click here to sign up to the WNS Forum to reply to this topic


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